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Experience Curiosity

I work with emerging and high-potential leaders to improve their leadership skills and team dynamic using a design based approach to achieve specific goals. I want to work with leaders who are ready to take the next step in their career, moving up and broadening their responsibility. I want to work with clients who recognize that what has served them well to this point in their career will not be the stuff that will get them to the next level. The work can be on executive presence, influence and engagement skills or navigating political environments.

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Trusted Coaching Professional

The same focus and determination I employed to climb mountains, I bring to coaching. In the same way a mountain guide leads from behind, with the safety of a rope, I lead from behind to help the client achieve their goals. I take a holistic approach to coaching, focusing on the personal, the professional and client as self. I work with clients on sustainable change. Everything that takes place in coaching is confidential, creating a safe and trusted place to explore what is important. We’ll work together to establish the goal and build a plan to achieve it. 

I know what it takes to grow and to achieve outstanding results. I have experience leading global strategic initiatives. I have formed new teams and businesses. I have acquired and integrated a business.  And I have experienced reductions in force and shutting down businesses. I’ve made the transition from a “hands on” role to a role that required a “view from the balcony.” I experienced corporate culture at multiple levels. Including the start-up space when coaching founders in a tech accelerator for two years. These experiences allow me to make a connection or to “see” my clients, to enter their worlds and offer a fresh perspective. This experience of being deeply seen often unlocks new perspectives and potential within them.


I coach with my signature blend of warmth and courage. I’m insightful and observant, even when it leads to uncomfortable conversations. I coach with a heart as big as my laugh and bring curiosity and empathy to each of my coaching conversations. I take a holistic approach to coaching, focusing on the personal, the professional and client as self. I work with clients on sustainable change, focusing on the tools and practices necessary to achieve their life dreams and ambitions. Location doesn’t matter, I’m coaching clients across the country, using video, phone and in person when we can make it work.

Wandering Traveler

"Only those who will risk going too far can possibly find out how far they can go"

T.S. Eliot

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