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What is Coaching?

The Hudson Institute Perspective on Coaching

  • Our fundamental premise is that as Western societies have evolved during the past fifty years from stable-state, linear, control-focused organizational forms towards change-state, cyclical, future-focused forms, both individuals and organizations require new competencies for managing long-term effectiveness in a world of ceaseless change.  Coaching promotes those leadership abilities.


  • We all need to understand how to live and work creatively in a world of constant flow, which has more options but less predictability than the linear world we once knew. Successful individuals require entrepreneurial capabilities to manage themselves and their fluid settings effectively.  Coaching can assist individuals to meet this challenge.


  • The field of coaching emerged in the late 1980’s to train professionals in all dimensions of leadership effectiveness. The Hudson Institute trains coaches to facilitate these qualities in their clients.  Coaching keeps clients focused on inner purpose and how to shape that purpose in a world of infinite possibilities.


  • Coaching is a resource for facilitating profound and often rapid results in people as well as in organizations. Coaching uses a visionary process that fosters both renewal, and inner restructuring.  It is a catalytic resource for freeing up persons, organizations and community groups to manage change and performance with renewal, optimism, and enthusiasm.  Coaching can become a function of leaders and managers, and it can also be a full-time job for “internal and/or external coaches.”


  • Coaching is a powerful skill set, based on the principles of developmental psychology (facilitating renewal and resilience in adults of all ages), and of human systems thinking (informing people how to manage roles, technological change, and social turbulence).  This skill set is often combined with consulting, leading, managing, team building, and other professional roles.


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My intention is to be an innovative, curious and empathetic coach, who is focused on working with clients in a thought-provoking, creative process that allows them to realize their potential. I engage, encourage and inspire my clients for them to become more self-aware and empowered to move forward with their most important personal and professional goals.

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