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My Impressions on Vulnerability

I’m going to make myself a little vulnerable and share that I have only recently learned about Brene Brown. As I have been working as a Leadership Coach, her name has come up a few times. So I decided to watch her TED talk on vulnerability, noting that 41 million people had already watched it before me. I share this because it inspired me, as I’m sure it inspired many of the 41 million people who watched it before me. Perhaps by me sharing it, others will be inspired too.

The idea that connection is what gives purpose and meaning to our lives seems so basic and rings so true to me. And the feelings of shame and fear that we all have lead to disconnection also resonated. The conclusion that for us to have a connection means we have to be vulnerable gave words to something I have known but was not able to express.

But that wasn’t the thing that inspired me, she goes on to say that she found that people with a strong sense of love and belonging feel worthy of love and belonging. They are whole hearted. Which of course leads to the magical question: "How can I be that?" It requires courage. It requires the willingness to be imperfect. It requires compassion. It means being kind to yourself and to others. It requires connection.

So now I realized that we have come full circle. This all started with a search for connection, for purpose and meaning. To have that, we need a strong sense of love and belonging, being whole hearted. This brings us back to courage, compassion and connection. And at the center of that circle is vulnerability.

Her conclusion was a call to action. Let us be seen. Love with our whole hearts. Practice gratitude and joy. And know that I am enough.

So what was the inspiration? I will be kinder and gentler to others and to myself. I want to be connected. So I will be vulnerable.

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